Increase Car Wash Sales With Text Messaging

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The video above gives you a basic overview of the power of Text messaging when used correctly. It can increase your customer retention, instantly deliver coupons and special offers into the hands of new and existing customers and bring your customers back time and time again to use your car related services all at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

First things first… Customers won’t be annoyed by your ads

These are 100% opt-in. Customers can either give you their numbers, text in through their cellphones or scan your QR codes (provided with every account), they can even sign up from your web site. Just send no more than 2 to 4 promotions per month and keep them simple. Customers will love it. They get to save money and you get to raise your profit margins.

Think about it…

How many customers drive though your car wash on a weekly basis? 1000, 3000, 6000?

Using 6000 customers as an example, if only half of your customers respond and redeem one of your $5 special car wash offer ads sent through TextMotive you could generate thousands of dollars in additional weekly revenue.

3000 customers redeeming a $5.00 coupon equals $15000 in revenue (potential earnings based on cost and type of ads you send out)

Now ask yourself…

How many of those would you like to return in the near future thanks to an ad sent directly to their phones? Once you exceed 1000 subscribers you can upgrade from your online control panel at any time. Remember, with a 90% or higher view/read rate and average 10X the redemption rate of regular print coupons, you will be on track to raise profit margins like never before. If each message sent returns 500 coupons, what would that mean to your business? (500 x $5.00, 500 x $10.00, 500 x $20.00)

Instead of spending thousands of $$$ per month on print, radio or TV advertising, you can spend way less and reach more people.

Or enhance your print ads by putting your text message info on your print, radio and tv ads to increase responses.

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(You can choose your package based on anticipated number of customers you want to reach and upgrade at any time). So a Car Wash that gets 2000 customers per week might eventually upgrade to a larger message package (2000 messages per month as an example) to better serve more people.)