Marketing ideas

600width-enhanceads Place your TextMotive info in/on all your ads to increase response rates 24/7.

Now your prospects can respond instantly to your new offers and it will allow you to quickly gauge the impact vs. cost value of your ads. In other words, you will know right away if anyone is seeing your ads even if they don’t clip and bring your offer/promo into your business, store or shop.

Plus your ads will get new life as they deliver higher performance results thanks to the dynamic and “at the moment” influence of text and mobile advertising.

Imagine gathering the voluntary opt-in contact info of potentially hundreds of new customers who gave you permission to remarket to them in the future.

Marketing a Car Wash and Car Related Services

If you run a car wash or other car related service business then you know a steady stream of happy customers and their cars are the source of your revenue. Most customers will come in for one service and leave after having done several required services to keep their vehicles in tip-top-shape. What if there were a way to push a button and tell all of your customers about your latest promotions and specials. The consumer could save money and at the same time bring in more revenue for you by purchasing your related services. Watch this short video on lead generation and revenue building for car washes to learn more.

Restaurants/Bar & Grills

According to a 2008 report from The National Restaurant Association – 22% of all adults would choose to receive cell-phone notifications of daily specials from their favorite restaurants if they had the option. – National Restaurant Association 2008 Restaurant Industry Forecast

Use this to your advantage…

Notify customers of last minute specials and reduce the cost of perishables

Example: Restaurants lose hundreds to thousands weekly in perishable foods that could have been sold to patrons during the week. That “Daily Manager’s Special” is wasted unless someone gets to taste it.

Simply collect mobile numbers or allow patrons to text-in to join your VIP list to get alerts for special dining offers:

2-for-1 specials
Discounts (20% off your next purchase)
Free stuff (get a free ice cream cone with your next purchase)

Want to fill tables on slow nights?

Just notify your VIP list and invite patrons to come in. Even better up the ante by giving something away (i.e. an appetizer or soft drink) to the first 50 people who come in and show their VIP code of the day, right on their mobile phone.

Promote Your Entertainment

You’ve got the greatest new Indie band on the planet and they’re performing Friday night. Why not tell everyone to come on in and enjoy the show. Better yet, throw in some free chips or pretzels to boot and you could have a full house.

Hotels and Resorts

Notify past and future local guests of outrageously low cost weekend specials. Why have your rooms sitting empty on the weekend when you can start filling them with a simple text message.

Member organizations and clubs

Use TextMotive to notify members of meetings, special event and even have them R.S.V.P. their interest to register for these events.

Specialty, Martial Arts Schools and Gyms

Use TextMotive to send out event notifications for open houses, special seminars, free trial coupons and more. Recipients can text back to R.S.V.P.

General SMS Text Message Marketing Ideas

1. Give customers VIP treatment: Allow customers to text in a keyword to receive special offers (exclusives) from your business or select partners.

2. Keep customers informed during your entire order process. Send a confirmation msg when order has been received, under processing and when shipped/completed. This makes customers feel connected to you and they will appreciate getting instant feedback.

3. Put your Text info on all print ads, flyers, biz/post cards and even on your web site. Some potential customers won’t fill out a form or call you, but they will send a text for later communication. In other words, they’re saying… “Get back to me”

4. Just say thanks by sending a thank you text several days after a successful order has been processed to let customers know you appreciate their business and encourage them to contact you for support or other info.

Want to start your own text messaging campaigns?